A Little About Me


I’ll try to paint my picture in as few words as I can manage.  My name is Jason Gomez and for the past several years I have been focusing all my efforts in my giant personal goal of developing and releasing my own video game.  Having studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Game Design from Full Sail University and after my successful time spent in the Marine Corps, I decided to go all in on this endeavor to see where this road leads.

My love and passion for games has been the one constant throughout my life and I took an interest in how they were made even as a young child growing up in the 90s.  Some of my fondest memories are of me playing cooperative games with my brother and close friends and all the joy we experienced while playing.  It’s these memories that have inspired me to try my best to provide those same joyful moments to others.

Those efforts and experiences have led me here to present Sentinels of The Lost.

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