How It Plays

The Scourge of the Horde

Sentinels of the Lost Horde SOTL

Sentinels of The Lost is a game where defending your nexus against a horde of enemies takes center stage.  The objective is very simple.  Work with your partner to defend the nexus at all costs.  Your enemies are relentless in their attack and it will require proper use of all of your skills to succeed.

The Trouble with Waves

Sentinels of the Lost Waves SOTL

The action in the game takes place when each wave begins.  Your enemies will spawn and immediately begin their assault on your team and the nexus.  Once this begins, it is up to the two of you to coordinate your efforts in stopping them.  Work fast though, as reinforcements are surely on their way and will quickly overwhelm you.

A Tool For Every Job

Sentinels of the Lost Media SOTL

Your sentinels come equipped with unique abilities specific to their role.  Once unlocked you will have several options at your disposal for use against the scourge.  Need to slow a large group of enemies?  S.A.M.M. is your sentinel.  Want that group of enemies destroyed in a blink?  Look to H.A.R.R.I. for his damaging abilities.  As your sentinels equip higher tiered mods, expect special perks to be added to these skills for added effects!

The Calm Before the Storm

Sentinels of the Lost Inventory SOTL

Successfully completing each wave will give you time to regroup.  Use this time to prepare for the next encounter.  Purchase items to use in battle, upgrade or equip mods to strengthen your sentinel, and of course, shower yourselves in loot.

Did Someone Say Loot?

Sentinels of the Lost Loot SOTL

Who doesn’t love loot?  Successfully completing each wave will reward players with a chest.  Opening these chests will shower you with consumable items, gold, and equipable mods.  Mods come in various tiers ranging from common to legendary.  It is through these mods that your sentinel will reach peak performance.

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