Sentinels of the Lost S.A.M.M. SOTL

S.A.M.M. is a sentinel that wants to focus on building gadgets on the battlefield to aid H.A.R.R.I. in the destruction of foes.  While H.A.R.R.I. is focused on raw firepower, S.A.M.M.’s approach is using his gadgets to control the pace of a fight as best as possible.  While not completely without the ability to destroy enemies; S.A.M.M. is better served using his turrets and terminals to supplement H.A.R.R.I. while focusing on making sure the team doesn’t get overwhelmed and H.A.R.R.I. stays healthy.


Please stay tuned to this page as I update it with skills and abilities specific to S.A.M.M.

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