Sentinels of the Lost Overhead SOTL

Sentinels of The Lost is accompanied by a story mode that serves as both an introduction to the games mechanics and also tells the story of why our sentinels, H.A.R.R.I. and S.A.M.M., must defend their homeland of The Lost.

The Lost is a land of the living dead and in it, a scourge exists.  This scourge has focused all its efforts on a solitary crystal believed to provide The Lost with its miraculous life-giving energy.

Sentinels of the Lost Story SOTL

Over the course of three separate chapters, you and your ally will come face to face with this scourge and its various enemy types.  Whether you are battling through skeleton archers, giant poison-spewing zombies, or self destructing demons, you will take control of your chosen sentinels in order to protect The Lost.

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